Welding table, work bench or mobile workshop – the new revolutionary Siegmund Workstation combines all advantages.

Professional Extreme 8.9
1200 x 800 x 12 mm

Table top is manufactured of specially developed Siegmund X8.7 through hardened alloy tool steel

Borehole Ø 16 mm

Boreholes on the surface in 50 mm interval

The whole Siegmund accessories (System 16) are compatible with the Siegmund Workstation.

Each workstation is delivered with easy selfassembly instructions.

System 16 Table, workstation
workstation application 1
workstation application 1
workstation application 1

The new revolutionary workbench from the world market leader

System 16 Table, workstation
Table surface


The table plate is made of throughhardened tool steel. For the hardening process Siegmund uses a specially developed alloy.

Table Storage


The Siegmund Workstation features defined storage for tooling and accessories that can be shelved for easy reach.

TABLE feet, caster, locking


The combined foot and castor gives mobility to the Siegmund Workstation. Base plates have fine adjustment to enable a precise working surface.

Item Number Name Weight (kg)
S2-167100 Work station with casters including accessories 168


clamp 160610
Item No. Quantity
S2-160620 4
Item No. Quantity
S2-160510 12
stop 160420-N
Item No. Quantity
S2-160420-N 8
square 160108-N
Item No. Quantity
S2-160108-N 4
square 160110-N
Item No. Quantity
S2-160110-N 2
kit 163999
Item No. Quantity
S2-163999 1