Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of plasma nitride treatment for welding tables?

The main benefit of plasma nitride treatment is dramatically increased resistance against weld spatter and resistance against wear and deformation. Additional benefits of the nitride process include resistance to corrosion and the ability to use the table with stainless steel applications. Siegmund offers Plasma Nitride finishes as standard for their welding tables.

What is the surface hardness of the table?

The newest generation of tables constructed from X7 material then treated with a Plasma Nitride finish are hardened to at least 750 Vickers on the top surface of the table. The sides of the table are hardened to approximately 500 Vickers. Check this video for more info.

I own a similar table sold by another manufacturer, are Siegmund parts compatible with them?

Siegmund fixtures are designed around 28 mm diameter work holes on a 100 mm grid spacing and 25 mm fixture and table thickness. Siegmund has designed fast clamping bolts to work with tables from other manufacturers that may have a slightly different table thickness. Contact us for more information on compatibility and see how much you can save on your modular fixtures.

I need a longer table, how large can you make them?

The largest standard size for welding tables is 4 meters long x 2 meters wide. Should you require a longer work surface we suggest joining smaller sizes together or using a rail system.

Do you take orders for custom sizes on your welding tables?

Custom sized tables and plates can be ordered for your specific application. Please contact us for details.

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