Cast Squares

Cast Stop and Clamping Squares are manufactured from high quality ductile cast iron. Their larger size and more robust construction allows them to stop larger parts and bear heavier loads when used as a table extension. Their cast construction means greater precision while cut outs are optimized for lighter weight and easier handling. New clamping squares with rotation slots provide more ways to create angled fixtures.





Some squares come in two versions with stops on either the left or right side.

square-280164/square-280165 square-280164/square-280165

S2-280164 | S2-280165

square-280166-P/square-280167-P square-280166-P/square-280167-P

S2-280166-P | S2-280167-P

Item Number Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
S2-280152 Stop and Clamping Square 300 G
- stop on left
200 75 300 Approx. 27 6.0
S2-280162 Stop and Clamping Square 500 G 200 75 500 Approx. 27 9.4
Stop and Clamping Square 500 G with rotation Slot
- stop on left / right
276 95 500 Approx. 27 11.5
Stop and Clamping Square 750 G Plasma nitrided
- stop on left / right
276 85 750 Approx. 27 13.6