Versatile clamping systems ensure a clamp for your every need. All clamps easily set with one hand and feature interchangeable pads for work with sensitive materials.

The Standard Screw Clamp adjusts by hand along the vertical and horizontal axis for precise placement anywhere on the table.

The Basic Pipe Clamp Universal features horizontal and vertical adjustment as well as pivoting action at the spindle head. An adjustment ring at the base allows it to sit in a lower profile during welding as the round bar sits below the table or clamping square surface.

Spindle and bushings from item S2-280610 can be removed by hand and inserted into system holes for clamping with stops and squares.

clamp 280610


clamp 280630


clamp 280604


clamp 280608


clamp application
clamp application
Item Number Name Vertical Bar Height (mm) Horizontal Bar Length (mm) Weight (kg)
S2-280610 Screw Clamp Standard 310 200, 40 - 165 Clamping Range 2.7
S2-280630 Screw Clamp Standard 45/90 310 170 Spindle Length 2.3
S2-280604 Basic Pipe Clamp Universal 250 110 2.3
S2-280608 Basic Pipe Clamp 90° 200 100 1.4

Table Mount C-Clamps

Table Mount C-Clamp for repetitive clamping. Clamping range can be set with adjusting screw.





Item Number Name Clamping Length (mm) Clamping Range (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
S2-280706 Quick-Change Clamp 100 100 5 - 75 340 30 150 28 1.2
S2-280707 Quick-Change Clamp 160 160 0 - 75 360 30 150 28 1.2
clamp application