Heavy Duty Cast Squares

3D Stop and Clamping Squares are manufactured from high quality ductile cast iron and specifically designed to handle heavy parts.

They serve equally well for stopping large parts, serving as table extensions, or building vertically. Cut outs are optimized for lighter weight and easier handling, while the hardening process makes them even stronger and more durable.

Aluminum-titanium versions featuring 50 - 60% weight reductions also available on special order.

Squares come in two versions with stops on either the left or right side.

square-280124-P square-280126-P

S2-280124-P | S2-280126-P

square-280130-p square-280132-p

S2-280130-P | S2-280132-P

square-280134-P/square-280136-P square-280134-P/square-280136-P

S2-280134-P | S2-280136-P

square-280144-P/square-280146-P square-280144-P/square-280146-P

S2-280144-P | S2-280146-P

square application
square application
Item Number Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
L / R Stop & Clamping Square 300 GK (Nitrided) 280 95 300 Approx. 27 12.9
L / R Stop & Clamping Square 500 GK (Nitrided) 280 95 500 Approx. 27 17.5
L / R Stop & Clamping Square 600 GK (Nitrided) 376 95 600 Approx. 27 22.5
L / R Stop & Clamping Square 800 GK (Nitrided) 376 95 800 Approx. 27 27.0